Why Should I Never Delay Water Damage Restoration?

water damage restoration BoerneWater damage is one of the most common disasters homeowners have to deal with. It can range from discovering leaky pipes to full-on flooding. You may look at an area of your home with water damage and think you want to wait to deal with it when it is more convenient for you. However, once you discover water damage, you should not wait to start the restoration, no matter how bad the damage seems.

Water Damage Restoration—Boerne, Texas

Water Leads To Mold

Water damage often occurs in areas of your home with poor ventilation. You cannot expect the water to dry up by itself. As a result, you likely have mold growth along with water damage. Mold can begin to form in as little as twenty-four hours after water damage occurs. If you can get rid of the water immediately, this can help prevent mold from ever forming. But if you discover water damage after it occurs or if you do not get it properly dried up, you can expect mold to grow. Mold is dangerous to live with because it affects the air you breathe and can make you very sick. When you deal with water damage restoration, you can expect to deal with mold removal as well.

Water Can Ruin The Structural Integrity Of Your Home

When water damage occurs, it often causes more damage than you can see on the surface, harming the structural integrity. Water can get under floorboards or tiles and cause mold to grow. It can also get behind your walls and soak through drywall and insulation, ruining it. It can weaken the wood and other materials that make up the bones of your house, and it can even wreck the foundation. You may not know any of this damage occurs for a long time, but eventually, it will need to be repaired.

Water Restoration Now Costs Less Than More Extensive Repairs Later

One of the biggest reasons people put off dealing with water damage restoration is because they worry about the cost. It seems like a big, expensive job now. However, the longer the water is ignored, the more damage it will cause. When the structural integrity of your home is ruined, you will not be able to ignore the problem anymore. By then, the damage will be even more serious, and the renovations will be longer and more expensive. You may think that you want to wait to fix the water damage until you feel it is more affordable and convenient for you, but ultimately you will have to spend more money on extensive repairs down the road. It is smart to get it done immediately before the problem gets worse.

If you have water damage anywhere in your Boerne home, do not wait to get it fixed. Call Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country to get started on the water damage restoration process now to save you from worse problems in your home later. They will give you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.