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It’s only a matter of time before a bad odor in your property makes life miserable. No matter what room you escape to, the odor seems to follow. If that’s the case, you need professional odor removal. Restoration 1 of San Antonio North & Texas Hill Country is here to remove that odor so you may rest easy in your home or business.

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We use the best equipment and removal methods in the industry to give your property specialized attention and care.


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We eliminate the source of the odor, ensuring long lasting results. 

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You shouldn’t have to suffer from odors any longer. Get professional help for fast and effective odor removal.

Finally Say Goodbye To Odors

There are many odors you never want in your home or business for long. These include smoke odors, mildew odors, and pet odors. Restoration 1 of San Antonio North & Texas Hill Country is equipped and trained to handle unwanted odors impacting your home or business. 

We first assess the situation to uncover the exact type of odor, determine how best to move forward, and then treat the issue. When you’re dealing with such terrible smells, don’t wait another moment – give us a call.

Take Back Your Property From Smoke Odor

Smoke odor may stem from different sources – long-term tobacco use or a recent house fire, for instance. But whatever the case, the smoke odor must be dealt with promptly. Smoke contains numerous harmful particles and contaminants. Alongside the unpleasant smell, these contaminants can lead to illness. 

Smoke particulate matter can stick to furniture and curtains and can cling to walls, leaving behind a smoky odor. These small particulates that remain on surfaces can be disturbed and inhaled, risking damage to the lungs. Let us treat your smoke odor situation and put things right. We will eliminate any smoky odors, particulates, or matter to ensure that you are living and working in a safe environment once again.

Mildew Smells Can Arise After Water Damage

Most of us know the smell of mildew – and it can be enough to make anyone sick. Have you recently dealt with water damage? Then mildew may still be present in the property. It can grow underneath carpeting, inside furniture, and other hidden spots. You’ll notice that smells develop after only a short time.

Mold can grow in a building in just 48 hours, and it can grow under furniture, behind walls, and under areas that are not frequented by the homeowner or business owner. Allow us to come in and remediate the mold once and for all.

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