How To Tell If You Have Water Damage Cleanup Issues

water damage cleanup san antonioGot some water damage recently and wondering how to tell for sure if there’s actually water damage in your walls or ceiling? Here’s a checklist of how you know.If you suspect that you have water damage, there are some telltale signs on your ceiling and walls. The following guide will walk you through the basic troubleshooting steps necessary to determine whether or not you have water damage.

Water Damage Cleanup in San Antonio


Walls are often the first place you’ll notice signs of water damage. Here are some common phenomena associated with water damage in walls:

  • Blistering or peeling paint on the wall
  • White, brown or yellow stains on the wall
  • Swelling or bubbling in the wall material
  • Warping in the wall material that may be accompanied by a damp feeling
  • Dampness or moisture on the wall
  • A musty smell coming from a wet spot on the wall
  • Mold growth (which could mean it’s time to call a professional)


There are a few ways to tell if your carpet is affected by water damage. If it’s wet, you need to dry it right away. If there’s an odd smell in the air and the carpet has a musty odor, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Stained or discolored carpets have also been damaged, and they will also need to be replaced.


If you have a dishwasher or refrigerator, check for water damage by looking at the walls and floors surrounding the appliance. Water damage can appear on the floor, in the cabinets beneath your sink, or any other areas that have sustained water exposure from an appliance. If you see signs of water damage while checking these locations, check to see if the plumbing attached to your appliances is leaking. You should also check inside your dishwasher or refrigerator for signs of water damage. Check seals and gaskets for signs of mold growth and cracking, which can be indicative of leaks. Also look out for rusting in dishwasher racks and trays as this can be a sign of corrosion, which stems from leaking water. Make sure there are no darkened spots on your fridge’s interior floor; this too could indicate a leak as it is usually caused by a buildup of dirt due to excess moisture coming off melting ice cubes or condensation forming around food items within the fridge itself.

If you find any evidence that there is indeed an issue with either one of these appliances then it is important to get them repaired immediately before they cause any further problems such as mold growth or structural damage from rotting wood floors where there may have been no evidence yet when last inspected but now needs attention urgently (as well as an inspection).


Water damage on the ceiling is often caused by a leaky roof or plumbing. As water soaks into drywall and insulation, it causes noticeable sagging, bubbles and discoloration. You might also notice cracks, fissures or water stains on your ceiling.

As water starts to soak the interior walls, you may see peeling paint or wallpaper and notice a moldy odor. Water seeps into drywall and insulation causing sagging or bubbling drywall, warped or soft spots in your ceiling, separation between your ceiling tiles and more noticeably discoloration.

Doors and windows

Doors and windows are the parts of your home where you’ll most often see signs of water damage. Water that leaks in from a rainstorm or the sprinklers can cause swelling, warping, or discoloration. You might notice:

  • Swollen doors and windows
  • Water stains on the walls around door and window frames
  • Foggy, cloudy, or discolored glass panes (usually on a single pane rather than all)
  • Sticky or unresponsive windows/doors; they may open and close slowly or not at all
  • Warped or loose frames

The only way to tell for sure if you have water damage is to have a professional come to your home. If you experience any issues with your Woodlands home, you should call the professionals at Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country. We provide fast 24/7 water damage cleanup in San Antonio and surrounding communities. Reach us by phone to schedule an appointment.