How Keeping Your House Regularly Maintained Can Help You Prevent Water Damage

Water damage in your home often sneaks up on you. You may find a leaking pipe and have no idea how long it has been dripping water. An appliance might break during the night while you are asleep, and you wake up to find a mess in your home. You may go to the attic to find something and discover that your roof is damaged, letting in moisture. It can feel impossible to prevent water damage in your house, but it may surprise you that an excellent way to keep your home safe is to maintain it regularly.

Water Damage San MarcosCatching Leaks Early

Regularly checking in on your home is a way to inspect it and find any damage early on. If the pipes under your bathroom sink experience damage, it is better to find the damage during your routine cleaning than after several weeks or months. Keeping your home decluttered also helps minimize the kind of cleanup water damage requires. It makes it easier to notice anything, such as discoloration in your walls or peeling paint. By catching any signs of water damage early on, you can repair it before it becomes more severe.

Mold Prevention

Water damage and mold growth go hand in hand. Mold often forms in areas of the home with high moisture levels and poor ventilation, such as bathrooms, basements, and attics. While damp conditions are a big part of what causes mold growth, it can also be caused by the accumulation of dirt and grime in an area. Mold is less likely to form in regularly cleaned places because cleaning includes sanitizing, drying the moisture, and removing dirt. If you keep these areas of your home clean, you can protect yourself from mold.

Proper Drainage

Not only does keeping the interior of your home clean help protect you from water damage, but ensuring the outside of your home is maintained helps as well. Ensuring that your roof is clear of anything preventing water from draining off preserves your roof’s life and prevents damage and leakage. Your rain gutters should also be regularly cleaned to help drain water away from your home. This keeps both your roof and your home’s foundation safe.

It may seem like a hassle to clean your home regularly. But if keeping your house clean helps prevent water damage or catch it early on, it is worth it for your safety. It is vital to deal with water damage as soon as it is discovered because it can lead to worse problems over a few days or weeks. If you do not catch it early, your home may need more extensive repairs soon.

Water Damage in San Marcos, Texas

If your home has water damage, we hope you find it quickly. No matter how severe the damage is, call Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country to help you get the damage cleaned up and repaired so your home can stay safe.