When Should I Call for Help With Water Damage Cleanup?

water damage cleanup boerneThere may be some instances in your Boerne home where water leaks from a pipe or overflows from the sink that you can clean up entirely on your own. That being said, there are times when it is critical to contact a specialist for water damage cleanup. 

Water Damage Cleanup Boerne

Here are some instances where getting professional assistance with water damage cleanup is advised:

  • The water has spread from one room to another: When there is so much water damage that it has spread from the initial source to surrounding rooms or areas, it is time to call professional help. With proper extraction equipment, professional water damage cleanup companies can quickly remove large amounts of water from your home, mitigating damages and preventing the further spread of water
  • When you cannot find the source of the water, stop it: When water damage occurs, the source of the water needs to be stopped right away to prevent more water from entering your home and contributing to further damage. If you do not know where the water is coming from, or if water is still flowing into your home, call for professional water damage cleanup immediately. Professionals can help determine the source of the water and take necessary steps to address the underlying issue and prevent any more water from entering your home.
  • If you see mold or other microbial growth forming from the water damage: Mold can be found growing on walls, floors, cabinets, or any other surface in your home. Oftentimes, mold or microbial growth is found before the water leak is even discovered. A professional can establish whether the mold results from faulty plumbing, cracks in siding or roofing, inadequate airflow in specific areas, or any other potential sources of water damage. Then, not only will the water damage be addressed, but the mold growth can be treated.
  • Water damage from the toilet or sewer line: All drain and sewage water should be regarded as highly contaminated and handled only by trained professionals with the proper equipment and protection to deal with contaminated water. This type of water damage may have harmful health impacts and be a super fuel for microbial growth. Do not attempt to clean up water damage from a sewage line, including drain water. Instead, call for professional water damage cleanup, and do not let anyone near the water. 
  • Anytime you want to ensure the best results for your home: Attempting water damage cleanup on your own can be unsafe, lead to inadequate or inappropriate cleaning and drying, and result in a lack of proper documentation for your insurance provider. 

Ultimately, it can take more time and cost you more money when you need more experience or tools to remove the water thoroughly, adequately dry the area, and make any necessary repairs to follow. Working with a reputable water damage cleanup company like Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country is always preferable when your Boerne home suffers from water damage. Don’t hesitate to contact our team; they’re ready 24/7.