Storm Recovery in the Texas Hill Country – Tips for Protecting Your Home and Family

Storm Recovery in the Texas Hill Country – Tips for Protecting Your Home and Family

We’ve witnessed a profound number of weather-related accidents in the Texas Hill Country in the past few years. Homeowners are suffering through storm damage of all manner – flooding, wind damage, and more, and it’s all just too much for most to handle on their own. Thankfully, homeowners in the area should know they are not alone. They have a local restoration company backing up their every move — it takes just one phone call.

For 24-hour storm recovery services in the Canyon Lake and the surrounding area, homeowners can trust in Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country. For now, let’s explore how to protect your home and family from storm damage.

Prepare a Storm Readiness Kit

The first step in preparing both your home and your family — and protecting both — before, during, and after a storm is by arranging a storm readiness kit. Such a kit will include all of the items one could need to survive through a serious weather emergency. Yours should include:

*Basic Kit – A basic storm readiness kit should include enough non-perishable food and water for up to three days without electricity. Your kit may also include a working flashlight, batteries, and a first aid kit.

*Upgraded Kit – An upgraded readiness kit should allow you to be even more comfortable during your ordeal. You should consider adding in blankets, sleeping bags, and enough supplies for more than three days.

*Expanded Kit – An expanded storm readiness kit is ideal for those living in a remote area, with an elderly charge or a disabled child to care for, and for those who want to remain safe and secure in their homes for longer.

Storm Recovery Tips in the Texas Hill Country

As for protecting both your home and family, we’ve acquired a few useful tips over the years.

*If the shingles of your roof are missing or damaged, the whole roof is at risk of breaking free. The missing shingles provide a gap that allows wind to reach under and cause more damage. Replace or repair the roof immediately.

*Repair any loose siding, as the same rules that apply to your roof apply here.

Ensure your gutters are free and clear of any buildup from dirt or leaves. The gutters are the first line of defense against excess water caused by rainfall.

*Consider replacing stone or gravel landscaping with shredded bark, which is less harmful to your home in the event of strong winds.

For 24-hour storm recovery services, call Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country. You can reach us for relief after any type of storm, no matter how severe. Check out our reviews! Find us on Google!