Five Clues That Can Point To Water Damage

water damage cleanup boerneWater damage can be a very time-sensitive problem. The sooner you notice the problem and deal with it, the less likely you will have to deal with a serious water damage problem. Put off dealing with a potential water damage threat, however, and you could be left with a major water damage disaster on your hands. 

Water Damage Cleanup Boerne

Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country has had its fair share of water damage clean-up. Our experts in Boerne want to share with you five indications that you may have a water damage problem in your home.

1. Do You Have Water Stains?

Water stains are an unsightly, obvious indication of water damage. More so than other indications that could just be the result of minor damage, water stains indicate a major water damage problem. This is because water stains do not develop overnight. It takes days or even weeks of prolonged exposure to water before stains develop on your walls or ceiling. Call a professional water damage restoration company right away if you notice any water stains in your home.

2. Do You Have Unexplained Health Problems?

A sudden onset of respiratory health issues could be indicative of a water-induced mold problem. Mold is known to cause a myriad of health issues including respiratory infections, asthma, and severe allergic reaction. Don’t wait until you have visible mold spots to check for damage throughout your home. There’s no need to wait for a disaster to perform preventive maintenance around the house. Recognizing how to identify water damage in your home won’t only save you money on costly repairs but eliminate potentially serious health concerns as well.

3. Do You Hear Strange Sounds In Your Walls?

If there is a water leak behind your walls, you will likely hear strange sounds if you listen closely. It may sound like distinct water dripping, but the sound may also be obscured by your walls so it’s hard to know exactly what you are hearing. Nonetheless, if you start hearing strange sounds in your home and can’t pinpoint the source, you should consider the possibility of a water leak in your walls.  

4. Does Your Home Have Excess Humidity?

The humidity in your home should hover around 50%. Any higher, and excess moisture in the air can contribute to water damage and mold growth in your home. If you have continual problems with high humidity levels, purchase a dehumidifier to help you keep the humidity in your home at appropriate levels.

5. Do Your Walls Or Ceilings Have Soft Spots Or Damaged Paint?

Water damage in your walls or ceilings can also affect how your walls feel. They may feel soggy or damp which is a clear indication of water damage. You may also spot a bubble, peeling wallpaper, or damaged points which is another obvious sign of a water damage problem.

There are many different clues that can point you to potential water damage issues in your home. If you notice any one of these, make sure that you act fast to investigate the issue and take action right away. Finally, if you do detect any damage, contact us at Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country before your water damage becomes a water disaster.