Does Your Stucco Need Water Damage Restoration?

water damage restoration texas hill countryIn the Hill Country and West Texas, stucco is a popular choice for exterior home siding for a southwestern aesthetic. Made of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water, the mixture is applied on water-resistant paper in layers, over a lath base. When properly dried, it offers solid, durable, and seamless house siding.

Water Damage Restoration In Texas Hill Country

Especially in environments of extreme heat, stucco provides several advantages:

  • naturally fire-resistant  
  • relatively inexpensive and durable
  • moderate maintenance 
  • an incredible insulator (against both heat and cold.)

But, while water-resistant, it is not waterproof. It is actually absorbent. And in the Hill Country, our humidity will amplify and accelerate water damage that gets started behind the stucco. In most cases, leaks through stucco occur when the building envelope has been breached. For example, water might enter a home’s exterior via rusted nails, leaky roofs, tears in the building paper, or deteriorated edges.  

During a wind-driven rainstorm, water quickly absorbs through the stucco layers. You might notice that the sides of the house will take hours and sometimes even days to completely dry out. If significant moisture gets behind the stucco, it could soften the areas and cause the material to fall off in sheets. 

If you see staining around the corners of windows or doors, the leak is rarely caused by the windows or doors themselves. It is probably due to improper (or missing) flashing. For most areas in the west, southern exposures are where most of the seasonal, wind-driven rain comes from, and most of the corresponding window and door leaks are found.     

Risk Of Mold

You might notice dark spots or discoloration on your stucco walls from trapped moisture   When this building material is left damp or wet, mold will form. Whether it’s on an external surface or hiding beneath the stucco, mold must be managed. It can have a negative impact on your health: allergic reactions, headaches, increased asthma problems, or even respiratory damage. 

Repairs, Restoration and Remediation

Since stucco is water-resistant, not waterproof, even the smallest crack can allow water into the wall. Over time, this area will eventually require repairs. Always make any plumbing repairs as soon as possible: burst pipes, weather damage, or plumbing leaks. Keep Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country on speed dial whenever you notice a problem. 

Proper installation of water-resistive barrier materials, flashing, and weep screeds will help protect the home. Liquid water-resistive barriers must be applied according to 1) the manufacturer’s specifications 2) at the ambient temperature recommended or on a sufficiently clean substrate and 3) at the required thickness to properly seal the stucco substrate. 

Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country’s team might suggest a silicate mineral paint to seal out water but still allows any trapped water vapor to escape. Painting your stucco every 5 or so years protects the entire house and its components from water absorption.  

If you have already tried re-sealing or painting the stucco and then noticed leaks, the Restoration 1 team will probably recommend removing the entire wall and installing new windows with premium flashing and new stucco. Have Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country take a deep look. Those visible cracks aren’t the only potential sources of entry for water. Gaps around your doorways and windows allow water to slip inside the walls, slowly eroding the stucco material and requiring repairs to your home’s exterior.   

For Water Damage Restoration In The Texas Hill Country

If your home’s exterior is wood, siding, stucco or metal, any water damage will need repair and restoration. Restoration 1 of Texas Hill Country’s residential reconstruction services is comprehensive. After removing any damaged material, they will repair and restore everything that was damaged. They can rebuild your home to its fullest potential over a short period of time by erecting walls, installing windows, hanging doors, and even painting your new home.

From Ingram and Kerrville to east of Seguin, Restoration 1 Of Texas Hill Country is available 24/7 to help you with your water damage restoration.