Mold Damage Cleanup San Antonio

How To Reduce The Risk Of Mold Damage In San Antonio

There are numerous ways that mold can enter your San Antonio home, in fact, mold is naturally occurring both indoors and outside, so there really is no way to fully eliminate mold from our environment. Mold becomes a problem once moisture becomes available and it is able to grow and spread, reproducing through microscopic particles […]

mold damage cleanup san antonio

Preventing (and Recovering From) Mold Damage IN HVAC Systems

Records show that San Antonio has had an average of 18 days a year with 100-plus degree temperatures, but some years we get three times that. It’s hard to say what Summer 2022 will bring, but a well maintained A/C is a must in Bexar County. Your HVAC system not only keeps you comfortable, but […]

water damage cleanup san antonio

How To Tell If You Have Water Damage Cleanup Issues

Got some water damage recently and wondering how to tell for sure if there’s actually water damage in your walls or ceiling? Here’s a checklist of how you know.If you suspect that you have water damage, there are some telltale signs on your ceiling and walls. The following guide will walk you through the basic […]

water damage restoration texas hill country

Does Your Stucco Need Water Damage Restoration?

In the Hill Country and West Texas, stucco is a popular choice for exterior home siding for a southwestern aesthetic. Made of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water, the mixture is applied on water-resistant paper in layers, over a lath base. When properly dried, it offers solid, durable, and seamless house siding. Water Damage Restoration […]

Never Drink from the Backyard Water Hose

That water looks clean, but what are the risks? It’s summer and everyone is outside enjoying the sun, playing in the yard and maybe even running through a sprinkler or two. Although it may seem super tempting, you should never drink from the backyard water hose. That cold crystal-clear water coming out – all things […]

Storm Recovery in the Texas Hill Country – Tips for Protecting Your Home and Family

Storm Recovery in the Texas Hill Country – Tips for Protecting Your Home and Family We’ve witnessed a profound number of weather-related accidents in the Texas Hill Country in the past few years. Homeowners are suffering through storm damage of all manner – flooding, wind damage, and more, and it’s all just too much for […]

Unlikely Hiding Places for Mold in the Home

Mold can grow quickly unattended. Give it the attention it deserves and eradicate it. Did you know that mold can conceal itself quite successfully in the home in a myriad of unlikely hiding spots? Well it can, and the following are just a few reminders regarding areas in the home to check on a routine […]